Saturday, March 26, 2011

When the Moon Hits Your Eye...

What do you get when you cross a five pound bag of flour, 18 pie crusts, and 9 ecstatic 11 year olds???...Flour Power like you have never seen it! Today's cooking adventure?  I did a birthday party at Dinner Savvy and the theme was PIE. Pizza Pie. Apple Pie. Cherry Pie. Oh and a throw in a few garlic knots for fun.
First, there was dough...

The girls were dying for an appetizer, so we whipped up a batch of garlic knots.                                                   
Finally it's time to prepare the first pie... 
You can bet, that with 11 year olds, when they get free reign with a ball of pizza dough, boring, traditional circles you will not find...Mickey Mouse?  A teddy bear?

This is serious work...

And we send them to the ovens.

The girls take a break and decorate some aprons.


The finished product.  Most people would be ready for a nap after all this food.  I can safely say that was not the case today.  Nothing ends a day of cooking fun like a game of hide and seek in the kitchen.  Oh yeah, we did.  

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