Saturday, January 1, 2011

HaPpY NeW yEaR!!

Well, it is already 2011. I know everyone says things like "Wow, where did 2010 go?" Or "I blinked, and it was gone!" But, Where did 2010 go?? I literally blinked, and it was gone! I clearly remember sitting in my room making plans for all of the things I will do in the new decade...documenting each day of the year with a photo, a brand new blog all about "souprising sandwiches", and catering. The photos only lasted about a week, the blog about a day, but the catering; what a great year it was. I was flattered to be asked to cater two weddings and a 40th birthday party. I loved every minute of it. For 2011, I am going to take it as it comes. I want to live in the moment, enjoy every step of the way, even if it doesn't happen like I plan it, and stop everyday to reflect, pray, and truly appreciate the gifts of this world. Well, how did I ring in this new year you ask? (You did ask that right?) I had a china-mexicana celebration with some great friends. We made egg rolls, general tso's chicken, rotel-velveta dip, chili-cheese dip, and don't forget the dos equis and margartias.

It was a night of great food, a little line dancing, and a lot of laughing. I am excited to see what the year will bring. Don't blink, or you will miss it.

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