About Me

Growing up, I loved nothing more than spending the long hot summers in the cool shade of my grandparents' farm. Waking up early, and heading down to the river with my sister and Grandaddy to see if the fish were biting while Grandmaw would stay to prepare biscuits, gravy, cooked apples, sausage... After spending the day doing just about whatever I wanted on that 100 acre farm, we would end the day with another walk down to the river, this time while Grandmaw prepared a big pot of her specialty; tomato dumplings. They were warm and comforting. Sweet and savory, all in the same bite. This memory is one of the most perfect memories I have. It is filled with love and laughter, family and friends; and some of the best food you will ever eat.

Tomato Dumplings began as a small scale catering company, but has evolved to encompass so much more. Someone once told me, in order to be truly happy in life you have to, first, leave everything up to God, and , second, do what you loved to do when you were ten.

Take a look around Tomato Dumplings. It is all about my life long journey to let go and let God, and of course, everything I loved when I was ten.

My grandparents and my sister at one of our many trips to the beach

My grandfather and my sister, with tackle box in hand, at the river to see what's biting.