Wednesday, April 27, 2011

All things were made through HIM...

Lately, I have really been trying to stop and smell the roses. A few weeks ago, we had a guest teacher at church who really got me thinking about some things.  This is usually something I try to avoid, but since then my mind has been whirring.  Dr. Smith, our guest, spoke about a collegue of his named Norman Wirzba.  Dr. Wirzba is a research professor of Theology, Ecology, and Rural Life at Duke University.  Basically, the earth is a garden that we are to tend and care for.  This garden has provided sustenance to its inhabitants for millions of years, without fail.  When we lose sight of the fact that everything we eat is a gift from the earth, (and not something that is dropped off the back of a truck) we forget to give thanks to God for the nourishment that He provides to us and every living creature.
This year, I am teaching at a school with a beautiful and bountiful community garden.  This garden is tended by the students, faculty, and community volunteers.   When the students enter "The Grow Zone", it is obvious they are consumed with excitement that the garden is in their hands, and they cannot wait to accept this fundamental responsibility.  They are weeding, sowing, reaping, and loving every minute of it. When these students harvest, and hold in their hands, their first red, juicy tomato I can't wait to see the joy, pride, satisfaction, (and most likely dirt) that will be spread across their faces.  When is the last time you saw anyone look at a tomato in a grocery cart that way?

On a different note, my students and I read an article in Time For Kids recently about a little girl who is doing her part to care for and protect the earth.  She uses old drinking glasses (which aren't recyclable) as pots for plants.  We were so inspired by her story, we purchased one of her succulents.  Check out her website here.  

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